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To all incoming Parents and Students to Sandalwood High School

My name is Steve Panoff and I am the band director at Sandalwood High School.

I want to welcome you to Sandalwood High School and the Sandalwood High School Band Family! Going to high school is a big moment in every student’s life and high school is one of the best times in a young person’s life.

Soon, you will be choosing courses for next year, and I want to encourage you to make sure that you continue your music education and join the Sandalwood Band program. The band program welcomes students of all ability levels. All you need is a great attitude, a willingness to learn, and a willingness to work hard.

The Sandalwood Band is on the rise and is rapidly becoming one of the top programs in the area. We want you to be part of that excitement.  We have Marching Band, Concert Band, Band 1, Jazz Band, Percussion Ensemble, and

When I was in 8th grade, I nearly quit band. It would have been the biggest mistake of my life.  Music has saved my life at times and given me my life. Research shows that music provides the following benefits for students:

  1. Higher test scores on SAT and ACT

  2. Better brain function

  3. Develops creativity and teamwork

  4. More desirable for college admission

  5. Better grades in school

  6. Higher STEM scores

  7. Over 60% of current Fortune 500  CEOs were in band

In addition, band provides a great group to belong to. Friends for life. Memories of a lifetime. Coming to a new school, your child will already belong to a group that has 100 new friends.  Band will make the transition to high school easier and smoother.  Next fall is particularly exciting as we will be playing music from West Side Story!

There are a number of choices your child can make coming to Sandalwood. Why not try band for one year. At the worst, you will complete your fine arts credit for graduation. We know once you are here, you will be glad you made the Sandalwood Band part of your high school career.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I am here to help.

Steve Panoff

904-646-5100 x2246

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