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The Sandalwood Band has continued its amazing growth. In the fall of 2015, the Sandalwood Band took the field with only about 40 musicians. This fall, we expect to march 150+ students. It is a very exciting time in the band program. To give you some perspective, consider the following:


Percussion—11 students in 2015, this year 24

Sousaphones- 2 students in 2015, this year 12

Low Brass-  7 students in 2015, this year 21

Colorguard- 8 students in 2015, this year 24+


The band program is self funded and this growth has meant we have to find instruments and equipment for the students. Our students have limited access to financial resources. Without your help, we may have to tell students they cannot march because we do not have an instrument for them or the equipment they need to participate.  So donate what you can, even if it cannot cover the entire cost. Every little bit helps!

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Snare drum $450 need 4

Snare stand $100 need 4

Snare Carrier $100 need 4

Tenor Drum $600 need 3

Tenor stands $100 need 3

Tenor carrier $100 need 3

Vibraphone $3000 need 1

Sousaphone $2500 need 5

Marching Baritone $700 need 4

Mallets $40/pair need 15 pairs

Drum heads $30/head need 30 heads

Drum sticks $25/pair need 15 pairs

Legare reeds $25/reed need 40

Brass mouthpieces $30 need 40

Woodwind mouthpieces- $30 need 30

Flag poles $15/pole need 72

Flags $40/flag need 72

In addition, the band is looking for the following instruments in good working order: Flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, French horn. If you have one of these instruments collecting dust in your closet, please consider donating it to the band. It will be put to good use.


Stephen Panoff

Band Director

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