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How to Make a Payment
You can either make a payment on your charms account or click the following link.

If you need to create a charms account follow the steps below:

1. Click the charms button under the Members section
2. Locate the Parents/Students/Members login section (should be under the Teacher/Helper login)
3. Type the following school code where it says "school code" - SandalwoodBand
4. Enter your child's STUDENT ID NUMBER without the S into the student area password field
5. You will have to login to the student email that was used for registration. They should receive an email on how to create a username/password for future use. Follow those steps and you should be all set with a charms account. 

If you forget your username or password there are ways to recover it. Just click on Forgot Login and/or Password and follow the steps. During setup make sure you set up a "hint" to better assist you in case you forget it.
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