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How To Become A Volunteer

So you think you want to be a volunteer…. It’s a great way to stay involved with your students; get to know your students’ friends; and meet new friends yourself!! We call those friends our BBFs (Best Band Friends!)


If you have been volunteering with the Band – Welcome to another Year!


We need volunteers to help in the following areas: Chaperones Concessions and Grills Equipment (Loading and unloading the trailers) Fundraising Uniforms (sewing is just a part of it!) And lots of little things that come up during the year! You can help a little – or you can help a LOT! We need you! You know the saying “It takes a village . . . “? – well in our case – it takes a small metropolis!!


To ensure safety for all students, please follow the directions below to become an Approved Volunteer or Renew your volunteer status. You must be a Duval County approved volunteer in order to chaperone, volunteer or visit your child’s classroom and even to eat lunch with your child. Please help us keep our campus and all children safe!

1. Go to

2. Fill out the application and submit it

3. Send email to once complete so we can keep record

Contact the School Volunteer Liaison or the school staff that handles volunteers at the school you wish to volunteer at or the Department of Family and Community Engagement at (904)390-2960 to check the status of your volunteer application. Reminder: The district no longer issues volunteer cards. Also, use that opportunity to let the school know you are interested in volunteering and to discuss volunteer opportunities.


Please remember to sign in and out using the Volunteer Sign-in Book in the front office. Your volunteer hours help not only students and teachers, but also help schools achieve awards from the Florida Department of Education.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. (Current DCPS students under 18 must complete the Under 18 Consent Form found HERE and submit it to the school)

If you don’t have access to a computer, you may be allowed to use a computer at a school or stop by the Department of Community & Family Engagement kiosk. A social security number is required to apply. All required information must be entered in order for the application to be submitted.


Volunteer Liaison Resources

For additional questions about becoming a volunteer, contact the Department of Family and Community Engagement at (904) 390.2960 or

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